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Aims & Objectives

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The main aims and objectives of the Trust are to:-

  • Strengthen bonds between Walsall Football Club, its supporters and the local community for which it serves.

  • Work towards obtaining a democratically elected 'representative voice' on the Board of Directors at Walsall Football Club.

  • Work towards safeguarding the future of Walsall Football Club (and its assets) and competitive football within Walsall.

  • To promote the game of football as a recreational facility, sporting activity and a focus for supporter and community involvement.

Walsall Football Supporters' Trust is looking to change the culture of the club by promoting openness and constructive dialogue.

We will seek to enter into a partnership with local politicians from all parties, with the players, staff and Directors of Walsall Football Club and with any other official or independent supporter group or association in order to gain full, accountable, democratic and constructive involvement of supporters and the local community in the running of and direction of the club.

The long-term objective of the Trust is to have a democratically-elected supporters' representative elected to the Board of Directors at Walsall Football Club with an equal voting right to other Board Members; something which has already taken place at a number of other clubs. It is vital that this representative is elected by the members of a Trust such as this, i.e. the supporters of Walsall Football Club and that he or she should be accountable to them.

With this in mind, it is important that the Trust works with ALL supporters of the club, as well as those with a stake in the future of the club in order to gain as large a body of support as possible.

The Trust will seek to gain an interest in any individual, company, society or otherwise whose aims are consistent with those noted within our aims and objectives. In particular, we will look to acquire an interest in Walsall Football Club Limited and/or its assets, or any successor company.

The only way the Trusts interests will be served is through an effective and democratic body which works to gain a shareholding for all of its members and a seat on the Board of Directors which carries an equal voting right. It must also guarantee the right to constructively question the actions of the Board of Directors and their short, medium and long-term plans for Walsall Football Club.

Without this guarantee, nothing from investment made on the playing side to ticketing issues and the clubs involvement within the local community will be fully addressed with the Trust.

For a better insight into the reasons we have chosen to adopt these aims and objectives, please take the time to read our rationale.


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Walsall Football Supporters' Trust is the trading name of Walsall Supporters Society Limited which is registered in England and Wales as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society (Registration No. IP30010R) and regulated by (with the guidance of Supporters Direct) the Financial Conduct Authority.



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