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Cookies and the law.

The law regarding the use of cookies on our website demands that users of the site are given the opportunity to understand what cookies are and how they are being used, and that they consent to cookies being stored on their computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phone or any other electronic device where cookies may be downloaded.

This policy is designed to work in conjunction with our Privacy Notice, Terms of Use and Social Media Acceptable Use policies which form part of our general Terms and Conditions.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is usually made up of both numbers and letters which downloads to your device when you visit a website for the first time. Typically, these files contain the following information: the name of the site, a unique user ID, the duration of the cookies ability and effect and an additional random number. In most instances, a cookie will not reveal or disclose your personal identity or any identifying information or data.

The next time you visit that same website, your device will check to see if it contains any related cookie(s), and sends any data they have collected back to the website. The website will then determine whether or not you have visited before and in some cases, will tailor what you see on the screen to take that fact into account. Some cookies may also record how long your visit lasts, what pages you visit, how long you spend on the pages you visit, which links you click on, and in some cases, they may also record your page layout, screen size and colour scheme preferences.

In general, cookies are beneficial when interacting with websites that you visit frequently and they help websites run more smoothly without extra input or effort on your part.

Some websites can be less interactive and harder to use if you have opted out of allowing its cookie(s) to download to your device or if cookie options are turned off.

Common Cookies and how they are used.

The most commonly used cookies are:

·         Session Cookies – Session Cookies close automatically when you close your devices website browser and are used for various reasons including remembering items you’ve added to your online shopping basket and may also be used when accessing secure websites such as online banking and email accounts.

·         Persistent Cookies – Persistent Cookies remain on your device even after you have closed your website browser. They are used for a number of reasons including remembering your preferences when visiting websites frequently, including user names, chosen language and preferred layout.

·         First Party Cookies – First Party Cookies are cookies placed on your computer by the website you are visiting.

·         Third Party Cookies – Third Party Cookies are placed on your computer by a different website to the one you are visiting, usually through the use of advertising. If the site you are visiting advertises products or services for a third party website, then that website may also place cookies on your device. Third Party Cookies are usually allowed by default, though this option can be changed in your web browsers settings.


There are some exceptions where cookies may need to store information on your device. This is often the case when cookies are used to provide a service you have requested.

How we use Cookies on our website.

We use cookies on our website to help us understand how our website is used in order for us to tailor its content, presentation, usability and functionality in order to improve the overall user experience.

Further Information.

For more information on Cookies, what they are and how they are used, please visit


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