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Dean Keates shows his support to the Trust

Thursday 26th July 2018

Following Tuesday evenings 'Meet the Manager' event at the Banks's Stadium, Trust Secretary Steve Davies spoke to Walsall FC Manager Dean Keates, and asked him how important he felt it was to have a strong Supporters Trust at a football club.

Dean replied that he was Manager of Wrexham FC who are a supporter owned club, and he appreciates how much the fans can do to help a football club. Obviously, the Trust at Walsall is on a smaller scale, but Dean wants to ensure that 'everyone is pulling in the same direction', and he feels it crucial to get everyone at the football club united. He went on to say that he would get every player in his squad to join the Trust.

Steve advised Dean that all Management staff and players of Walsall FC are automatically made Honorary Members of the Trust from their first day at the club, and members of the WFC Former Players Association from the moment they leave the club, but Dean reiterated that he wanted all of his staff and players to become 'fully paid members of the Trust', not just Honorary Members.

When Dean was at Wrexham, and at his request, every single player paid the 12 season membership fee as a minimum donation to be a member of their Trust, and he saw no reason why at just 2 per year, the players and staff at Walsall couldn't do the same, a membership fee which Dean felt was too low.

Assistant manager Andy Davies added that he had just renewed his Wrexham Supporters Trust membership recently because he appreciates and supports the work that they have done to get the club to where it is now.

Steve went on to inform the management Team that if there was ever any way the Trust could help them, to make contact so that discussions could be held at Board level in order to support them wherever possible.

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank Dean and Andy for showing their support to the Trust in the most positive of ways, and we hope that both parties can support one another for the benefit of the supporters, the players, and the football club alike.




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