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The Trust Board

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In accordance to the rules of the trust, the Trust Board shall consist of no more than 12 and no fewer than 6 members at any given time and it shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of and financial stability of the trust.

Board Members shall be democratically elected to their respective roles by the members, unless co-opted onto the Board by existing Board Members.

Work carried out by Board is done so on a strictly voluntary basis and no Board Member shall benefit from the work they carry out either financially or by any other means.

The Board of Walsall Football Supporters' Trust currently consists of the following members:-


Neil Ravenscroft


Bob Thomas


Margaret Vardy


Steve Davies


Trevor Reece


Mikee Evans 



Alan Miles 


Kev Paddock 



If you would like to get more involved and feel you have certain skills, knowledge or experience which would be beneficial to the Trust and the work it does and providing you are compliant with the rules of the trust and their accompanying side policies, please get in touch with Trust Secretary Steve Davies via email to to register your interest.



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Walsall Football Supporters' Trust is the trading name of Walsall Supporters Society Limited which is registered in England and Wales as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society (Registration No. IP30010R) and regulated by (with the guidance of Supporters Direct) the Financial Conduct Authority.



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