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Walsall Advertiser Column

Thursday 2nd November 2017 - by Neil Ravenscroft

Not for the first time, I couldn't help wondering on Saturday why managers don't have someone sitting as high up in the stands as possible, watching  what is happening all over the pitch.

I first though that many years ago, watching one of Merson's early games in charge, when it was easy to see what the problems were out on the pitch, but they were not addressed from the touch line.

On Saturday, it was obvious during the first half that the 3 5 2 (or 3 4 1 2, really) just wasn't working. Kinsella and Leahy were not getting forward enough and we were, in effect, playing a 5 2 1 2 and getting overrun in midfield.  I was thinking at half time that the obvious solution was to make the change to bring on more attacking options wide, players capable of taking on defenders and beating them, either as wing backs, or by a change to a 4 4 2. Unfortunately, it took an age to get Ismail and Morris on the pitch and, as soon as we did, Southend were struggling to keep us out. Ten minutes of that, however, was never going to be enough. 

I think when the criticisms are being levelled about our lack of tactical nous, this was the perfect example of what is meant.


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