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Walsall Advertiser Column

Thursday 9th November 2017 - by Neil Ravenscroft

Last nights (Tuesday) excellent win in the competition we can talk about again, as most of the under 23 teams have gone, has done little to assuage the social media storm that followed the inept performance at Newport on Saturday.

Feelings were getting so much out of hand that a normally mild mannered 51 year old fan managed to blag his way into the tunnel after the match in order to give the players and staff a piece of his mind. While we cannot condone his actions, I think that the majority of fans will understand the passion that led to the outburst.

What all this has done is leave the position of the Board (and, therefore, the owner) open to question.  We are supposed to have a long term plan that would see us promoted to the Championship and establish the club at that level.

Dean Smith had gone a long way towards that and Jon Whitney did keep us moving forward during his first half season. Since then, however, our league position has declined year on year and we have twice gone out of the FA Cup to lower league opposition.

I think the silence from on high is damaging and we are at the "back him or sack him" stage.


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