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Walsall Advertiser Column - Thursday 7th December 2017

Friday 8th December 2017 - by Neil Ravenscroft

If there is one thing that any football fan needs, even at our less than exalted level, it is some hope. Unfortunately, yet another completely inadequate performance on Saturday and the subsequent exit from the EFL Trophy (if we don't mention that sponsor, It will, with any luck, return to the old format) means that there is not hope left for this season, other than a chance of catching the top six (almost impossible), or not getting dragged into a relegation scrap (and I wouldn't bet on that, on Saturday's form).

Of course, as lower league fans, we don't have the arrogance that goes with the moneybags teams ( and those that aspire to be so), so we do not expect to win every game and go overboard if we don't, but we do expect some good football and a team that competes every week.  The trouble is, with our massive inconsistency, we just don't have that at the moment and the longer it goes on, the greater the unrest amongst the supporters.

It does NOT help, as happened this week, to have players put up to speak to the press to say that the adverse crowd reaction doesn't help their confidence. What football clubs seem to fail to understand (and this is not just ours) is that a lot of fans will see this as an attempt to put the blame back on the Supporters, for not supporting. That does not work. The only thing that does, is to deliver on that basic desire of being competitive.


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