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Walsall Football Foundation Sierra Leone

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Walsall Football Foundation SL (formerly known as Walsall FC Sierra Leone) is an established and well respected football club that has been a proud part of the Smart Farm and Carlton Carew community since 2011. Focusing on the four Fs, football, friendship, family and fun, their aim is to provide their members with an opportunity to learn and play the most loved sport in the world in a welcoming, safe and friendly environment and have fun doing it.

The foundation recruits players based on the U8's, U10's, U12's, U14's, U16's, U17's and U18's age ranges allowing players to progress as they grow and learn and they strongly believe that starting from grassroots will benefit the players and place the foundation in a good position for the future.

Their mission is to tap into and develop young talented footballers enabling them to work towards a brighter future. The Walsall Football Foundation SL aims to give young people a focus, opportunity and a purpose in life using football as a focal point, not only to acquire skills, knowledge and technique but also respect, discipline and learning, which will help set a good example within the community.

The foundation also aims to strengthen the development a good education for young talent in Sierra Leone and Africa in general and are ready to work hard in order to give hope and necessity to less privileged children, making sure that they grow to become responsible and self-sufficient adults. Many young talented players in Sierra Leone are deprived of the sport they love most and the foundation believes that they have very little or no hope of maximizing their chances of playing football and succeeding in the sport.

Walsall Football Foundation SL will provide all the necessary facilities for the young children to transform their lives and footballing careers through the support of the Walsall Football Club, Walsall Football Supporters' Trust and many more who support their cause.

For more details, please visit the teams official Facebook page at


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